Patent Malpractice


Been told your patent claims aren’t infringed by a successful product?

It is not uncommon for a patent holder to see a product or service in the marketplace which is the heart of the invention but be told there is no infringement because of the way the claims were written. Your patent lawyer may have made mistakes as a result of negligence in not obtaining claims of proper scope.

We have successfully sued to enforce patent holders rights against negligent patent law firms, including the widely reported SnakeLight case where the inventor recovered a $7 million dollar Colorado jury verdict against his patent law firm.

If your patent lawyer failed to give your patent claims the attention they deserved, leaving a company free to exploit your invention, you may have a malpractice claim. For example, claims with too narrow a scope often do not properly protect an invention.

Patent Enforcement



Gain the financial rewards you deserve from your patent. We can pursue the company infringing your patent on terms you can afford. You need an experienced litigator with a track record of success in enforcing patent owners rights.

Trademark,Trade Dress, Copyright and False Advertising Lawsuits



I am currently lead counsel defending a company in a trademark and trade dress case pending in Colorado brought by Foresight Company and have defended Fuller Brush Company as well. I have enforced trademark rights of LePeep, the restaurant. The mark or trade dress in dispute may or may not be important to your marketing. Your goals help define the strategy, whether that be seeking to prosecute or defend the case vigorously, reaching a quick settlement or both.

False Advertising claims are an increasingly common part of IP cases, being used to gain and keep a competitive advantage. We can vigorously protect your rights in all IP and other commercial litigation on terms much more favorable than the big firms.